1. view from above

    For this year’s #365project I’m actively looking for creative inspiration - from lots of different sources.

    Today I found my inspiration from Commander Chris Hadfield’s photos from the International Space Station - he’s tweeting lots of great photos including Saint John, NB which he posted earlier today.

    They are a must see: twitter.com/Cmdr_Hadfield

    My goal was to get as far above my globe as I could and use as much zoom as I could without too much set up or too much blur. Fun stuff, but not nearly as impressive as Commander Hadfield’s!

  2. Earlier this day I was inspired by a poem by the fabulous Sheree Fitch on twitter:

    Howl wind howl/ Rafters creak/bluegrey frigid winter day/ Hear the river speak/ ice cracks/ trees groan/ dang it’s cold. #mittens— Sheree Fitch (@sherfitch) January 2, 2013

    All day long I’ve thought of the last remaining mittens given to me by my grandmother who passed away a few weeks ago. Over my lifetime she made me so many things, mittens, gloves, socks and hats too. Three pairs of mohair mittens in the bluegrey frigid snow - these I will keep as long as I can.

  3. New Year’s Day - relaxing with tea to finish the last 100 pages of Reamde